Whale Tours

Take a three hour whale watching tour in Everett. Don't worry, you won't be marooned on an island. 

The early spring provides one of the best whale watching opportunities in Washington. Over 20,000 Gray whales migrate north up the west coast and some find the rich feeding grounds near the south end of Whidbey Island. On our tours you'll often see the same whales year after year.Guests aboard the Island Explorer will learn to identify individual whales and have the opportunity to experience a huge variety of wildlife along the way. It is common to see harbor seals, sea lions, dall’s and harbor porpoise, Bald eagles, osprey and many varieties of sea and shore birds. Departing from Everett, guests enjoy the calm protected waters of Possession Sound, Saratoga Passage and Port Gardner Bay. Because of the calm water and high concentration of whales in the spring the Everett gray whale tours have a 99.5% sighting success rate.

The Island Explorer leaves the dock in Everett almost every day at 11AM and returns at 2PM. Now Experience Everett fans can get tickets for $39 ($29 for kids) with promo code "ExpEverett" through May 18th. What a deal! Remember to dress warm and bring a camera! 

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